it's going to be warm for the next few days! im already plotting my week - a walk today, bus to hoboken tomorrow and bus to the city on friday, a visitor on saturday and a visit to a special 2 year old on sunday. its perfect timing for lars to be able to be awake for extended periods of time - and to have spring.

daylight savings time sorta wacked us out. lars slept later each morning, but....his naps are wacky. i dont get it. he's also getting 4 more teeth. he already has 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. these seem to be taking forever and causing the most pain. he's constantly knawing on the hand.

i dont know how many times i can re-decrorate the house but im amazed that we have so many options in this tiny apartment. now i have all the furniture pushed to the walls. i can see lars from pretty much any spot while im in the kitchen (being the wonderful homemaker that i am, of course). the apartment is not how i would perfer it, alas, i give up and he seems happy. i guess our coffee table will be pushed to the wall for another 5 yrs. hum.

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