teeth time

my little baby is getting his first tooth! wow, so glad we figured THAT out....ha ha. he's been a little cranky, but as for kids go, this one is the tops! nothing a little homeopathic teething tablet cant fix. i can see the tooth coming in. cant wait to get pics of it! hahahahaha!

lars and water

so, mr. lars has finally learned that the bath can be fun. whawoah! tonight i gave him a bath, by myself, so i didnt have the chance to take photos. he kicked so hard and so many times that he pretty much got all the bath water OUT of the tub...and onto the kitchen counter. oh man. what a mess! at least its just water.

and he seemed to be having a good time.

doug is out to dinner with work...and lars is asleeeeep. im alone in the quiet apartment. wwo! its pretty nice. :)

oh crap. i hear him waking up....

4 month check in....

lars weighs 15lbs 6 oz. which is the 70% percentile for weight! he is 25inches long, 50% percentile and head, i forget the circ, but it was 55% percentile. wowa, everyone comments on how loooong he is - so surprised it only middle of the road!

he got one shot yesterday - cried a little, but quickly recoverd! thats my boy. he was cranky as we left the office, but...fast asleep as soon as we got outside.

we go back in a few weeks for the other vaccines (one oral and one shot). 


the many faces of lars.