road trippin

starving, getting stuff organized, picking up around the house in order to clean and then pack tonight, tomorrow for our big road trip. driving to maine. leaving friday am (7!) and have purchased an array of goodies to entertain lars. lets hope. who knows. lars is taking a special long nap this morning. its the rain! whenever its dark and rainy lars naps longer. even with black out blinds, he 'knows' its esp dark this morning.

first we stop in new hampshire on friday night. then we drive on to maine. staying in a big old house with my parents. big house bob dean style.

best be off to make some breakfast for the kid and me. and me and me. when people write AND I it really drives me wild.


it was suppose to thunderstorm/rain be generally gross today. so we opted out of the ZOO. um....both boys are napping and im very sleepy. i will avoid preparing for our trip next week and maybe catch some Zzzzz's too.