times they are a changin

today's been quite challenging. lars no longer will allow me to feed him via spoon. its like once he figured out how to shovel puffs into his mouth (and actually gett them IN not just near said mouth), he's all about shoveling everything into his mouth. and thusly telling me to shove it.

he hasnt gotten the spoon concept (hold spoon, dip into food, etc), so this afternoon i gave him hummus and he shoveled that in with hands (the left i might add). then for dinner, chicken in a can (yes, really) and peas. i have a load of frozen baby food that he is no longer interested in.

tonight nothing was mashed up, so im certainly sitting next to him, staring at him, watching every movement. freaking out that i dont remember the infant CPR i watched on youtube. argggghhhh. i recorded this shitty video with my cell phone after a pile of peas and chicken went down the shoot and mostly on the floor.

lars also wants to stand on his own very very badly. he how now progressed from crawling on belly to crawling...on hands and feet?!?!?!?! like the yoga position downward dog. very odd. i also noticed he was standing on his own for a few seconds while banging away at the musically table. oh no! its movin too fast.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Julia this was so funny, seems the love of food was a strong gene. and all the lefties in the family will be glad to welcome another to the clan. he is growing so fast, you might have to get a tripod and take a lunch video, i am sure these are things you will remember forever. They grow quickly and so much new stuff for him to fine. You are going to be so in trouble when he is walking, but it will cool to watch him learning and finding things out for himself. seems he is ready to get on with new stuff.