Most days

Since we've moved last weekend, I've been running errands pretty much every morning. Most days we are back home around 10.30am. But yesterday ...and today the plans changed....and just 30 more minutes out and about means lars falls asleep in the car. I tried with all my might to keep him awake today....we haven't had lunch and I really needed his naptime to be my unpacking time. I just don't have the heart to wake him...He's in a deeeep sleep and its been enough sllep that I won't be able to get him to sleep later, but not enough to function properly for the rest of the day! He's totally spoiled. I realize if he had a sibling, id be waking his ass up cuz we had something else to do, etc. Ah well, the lucky life he leads.



Don't you love this picture? The spinach empanada is stamped so you know what's inside. I seriously bought four today, pretty much for the stamp alone. Lars and I each ate an entire empanada ourselves for lunch today.


Tooth brushes

Why are kids tooth brushes so ugly? Does having a toothbrush with ariel make a kid want to brush? What about a brush that looks like a crayon? Seems like a mixed msg to me. (I also hate most adult toothbrushes, but that's a different story.) I got lars a simple clear brush at wholefoods. I guess ill just keep getting them there. I refuse a brush with a cartoon on it. At least for as long as I can...ha.


Nov 16

Gotta kid proff the kitchen! The new place is awesome. I unpacked four hrs straight on Sunday. No kid. No husband. It was good. Now, I get like 8 minutes a day to unpack. Right now I'm going to blow up 3 balloons for lars to play with. Need coffee, more soon.



There is something so awesome about watching a kid eat a peanutbutter and jelly.

Nov eight

Its nearly one pm, and I'm sitting in the car, typing on my phone (which I'm getting pretty good at thanks!). Lars and I went to a bounce place in was a childs dream, and after ten mins of "what the hell mom" lars warmed up and let go of my shirt and had fun.

Well, its about 25 mins away and he fell asleep about 3 mins int car ride. We've been sitting here for 20mins already!! I don't dare wake him.... that's usually a disaster. So I'm thankful for the smartphone....I've been catching up on my blog reading...looking at apartments for decor inspiration.

But now I'm hungry and give lars 10 more mins. I gotta pee too!



Nov 7

We are taking a family packing break at hamilton park. Its chilly and lovely.

this is the best halloween photo shoot ive seen this year. for sure. check out this blog!


i heart design sponge.

after xmas ornaments, im on to this project - click here! so easy.

this is from one of my favorite places to visit - designsponge.

nov 2

today im working hard to get more packing in. lars is down for afternoon nap and im taking a little break. id love to take a nap, i am very tired.

packing is going well. doug's dropped off a few things from ikea last night, and our current apartment is in full deconstruction state, which seems to be pretty much every november for us these days. we've borrowed my parents' carpet cleaner and now im ready for action. just wish i could do more in a day, but its a challenge when lars doesnt sit still - and keeps bringing me my shoes like a little puppy wanting to go for a walk.

i take him out every day, in the afternoons.

but from 7am til after his nap, its inside crazytown.

at least for another month. sorry lars.

i was just thinking about moving without a kid. i dont even remember how long it took us to pack when it was just us. doug and i have been together for 7 years, and weve moved 7 times. twice we've had people pack our stuff. from brooklyn to philadelphia, and from philadelphia to hoboken. both experiences were awkward. i cant remember why, but i was present for the brooklyn packing. i guess we just didnt have enough time to do it ourselves, but i took the day off from work to 'oversee' the packing. we opted to have 2 guys pack and i just sat there watching - directing. it was weird. to hoboken, doug and i went out for breakfast while the guys packed. they were FAST and pretty awesome, until we got to hoboken. then they were annoyed, because they got lost. we'd never driven there either!!!!! sheesh.

even wackier - moving...just me. i think ive always taken the slow route - a little every day - b/c ive had a full time job, just packing at night/weekends. i remember moving from SF to Philadelphia in 1999 - I had 28 boxes, all numbered and shipped via UPS. so silly to think. it was all just junk. i should have tossed it all.

well, off to pack up the rest of the bedroom today.

sorta happy halloween?

doug put lars in his costume in the morning. he pretty much freaked out - walking aimlessly around like 'get this off of me!' sooo....after a few snaps, we removed the hairy costume. my sisterinlaw sent it to us - my nephew wore it when he was little. 

anyway, it was cute for a second, and i will just keep telling myself NEXT YEAR he will go trick or treating. with the move, etc, i didnt have the energy to get antoher costume together the he could tolerate. 

in lieu of trick or treating with a kid who goes to sleep at 6.30, and is 16 months old, we took lars to the ZOO this weekend. we enjoyed BOO at the ZOO this time around. :)

our apartment is a total mess. stacking boxes everywhere for our move in 2 weeks. again, every time im here, or facebook, or some other computer type devise (yes, phone, im talking about you), i should be packing. we've made a big dent, and doug thinks we are pretty much done (ahahahahahah) but ive got the whole week planned out and feeling pretty good about the current state of affairs. 

more soon. ta ta.