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merry xmas


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

i have no idea if anyone is reading this. but ive been gone a loooong time. we moved before Thanksgiving and its been hard getting settled. Today i'd say we have just a few items to hang up, and ive got curtains to shorten and hang....and we are finished! we've got our Xmas tree up, with lights, but need more....and doug really wants Lars to participate in the decorating of the tree. SO, we are waiting until Saturday - we will get more lights and go to town. its the most beautiful tree that we've ever had! so pretty.

lars is getting his top teeth now! he doesnt seem too upset about it. the gums are swollen, and he is chewing on his hands...his toys...burp cloths...my fingers....constantly. he is sleeping 6-6 daily and starting to take decent naps on his own! he is trying very very had to crawl. he sticks his but up in the air and moves 1 millimeter at a time. ....

thats all ive got for you. im making peppermint bark tonight. merry xmas.


we've been packing slowly for about a month...im about to go a little nuts, but ...at the same time... its great to be able to weed thru all the crap that you accumulate and purge! toss! cleanse! i love it... secretly.

so we move on friday. im taking a little computer break. lars was pretty good today with naps, so i got quite a lot done. but i still feel like we are swamped in crap! 

we went to the new apartment yesterday morning. it looks GREAT! the landlord painted both bedrooms the color of my choice, and Lars's room looks amazing! just what i wanted. our room, was suppose to be grey....like a dark taupey grey. but...instead its rather lavender! ek! i dont have the heart to complain. id be more upset if L's room was not right. doug and i will deal with the lavender bedroom...we will pretend like its 1986 again.

other than that, the apartment is great and we are really looking forward to the move! we are SO sick of this apartment. there are so many things wrong - things that you cant know until you spend a night here, things that cannot be changed with a little elbow grease. things that arent healthy! the new place is bright and cheery! and ...check this out...have TWO bathrooms! i cant even take it. we will miss hoboken's cute little town, but we arent far away...just a little car ride. its all worth it.


teeth time

my little baby is getting his first tooth! wow, so glad we figured THAT out....ha ha. he's been a little cranky, but as for kids go, this one is the tops! nothing a little homeopathic teething tablet cant fix. i can see the tooth coming in. cant wait to get pics of it! hahahahaha!

lars and water

so, mr. lars has finally learned that the bath can be fun. whawoah! tonight i gave him a bath, by myself, so i didnt have the chance to take photos. he kicked so hard and so many times that he pretty much got all the bath water OUT of the tub...and onto the kitchen counter. oh man. what a mess! at least its just water.

and he seemed to be having a good time.

doug is out to dinner with work...and lars is asleeeeep. im alone in the quiet apartment. wwo! its pretty nice. :)

oh crap. i hear him waking up....

4 month check in....

lars weighs 15lbs 6 oz. which is the 70% percentile for weight! he is 25inches long, 50% percentile and head, i forget the circ, but it was 55% percentile. wowa, everyone comments on how loooong he is - so surprised it only middle of the road!

he got one shot yesterday - cried a little, but quickly recoverd! thats my boy. he was cranky as we left the office, but...fast asleep as soon as we got outside.

we go back in a few weeks for the other vaccines (one oral and one shot). 


the many faces of lars.

no ZZ

its 1.07am. doug and lars are fast asleep. im programmed to wake up every 3 hrs. is this my destiny? UGH. 

here are a few pictures from last week. doug and lars take weehawken! and lars gets ready for work.


today was lars' first trip grocery shopping at whole foods. he slept for about 80% of the trip. i cant believe it because usually the cold/bright lights of stores wake him right up!! instead, he woke up, and just started smiling while we finished grabbing food. doug and i both assumed he was going to freak out at any moment.

happy labor day.

3 month weigh in

lars had a 3 month weigh-in today: 13lbs 4oz! i cant believe he is that big. there was a teeny-tiny newborn in the office....so hard to believe that was lars just a few months ago. how time flies.

welcome back

well, we had an eventful week!

lars got to meet many new relatives on saturday. grandmom cate, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it. he was exhausted and slept the entire ride to the shore. thanks everyone for making the trip to meet our baby.

then there was our vacation at the shore! had a lovely time....doing pretty much nothing for a week. lars was great on his first vacation - a little wacky at night, but i know he enjoyed all the attention from his grandparents, cousins and aunt beth!!!! 

ive got a lot of photos to publish on flickr - but im over my limit for the month, so i will post them all on tuesday~

amazing news: lars turned 3 months this week. he's a chubby little dude and every day we look at him, we are amazed.