so happy tomorrow is vaca day! we got a lot done this weekend. doug has been cooking all day - and we've frozen a ton of food for the day we bring home baby duker. doug is pooped.

i washed everything - and have my hospital bag almost packed. we picked up the car seat, its now in the car, not installed, but at least its in the car...

we also bought the car seat adaptor and a ton of other necessities for the king's arrival.i feel good about what we have now... everything else is cake!

my feet are like bricks of fluid. uuugh!

all we have left is the damn hanging of the artwork....which for some reason never gets checked off the list.

tomorrow we will have lunch at bubby's with our new friends we made in our childbirth classes last weekend. looking forward to it! :)

its been a while!

ugh, up too early for me today. cant sleep these ive been out of bed since 5.45 am.

my friends at work had a shower for me last week - we had a picnic down by the water (in brooklyn) it was a perfect day. there was delish food (i didnt know my co-workers could cook that well!) and lots of desserts. we only could stay for an hour and a half, so it was sad....

they gave us tons of onesies (hope he stays 0-3 months for ever!), toys and stuffed animals and books. it was a fun time. its the first time ive opened lots of gifts in front of people since...maybe i was 12? but they made me do it!

i think someone took pictures, i will post them when i get them.

doug is vacuuming at 7am. 

we have a huge list of things to do today - mostly getting basics for this baby who is only 4 wks away. 

apparently im measuring BIG these days. we will take photos this weekend. i can barely move in bed. and i have to do a 3 point turn (aka K turn) to go from sleeping on left side to right. 

my feet are permanently swollen. but my blood pressure is good, worries there.

ta ta for now.


so, yesterday was my birthday. here is a picture from our celebration. that's right, i went to the gym and then celebrated with a cornona and a smoke!
okay, just kidding.
i felt like crap yesterday. my feet are swelling every day now. so i came home, ate vegetable sushi and had my feet up all night. what a fun birthday! waaaaaaaaaaaa.

happy sunday

hello everyone! ive been sleeping like crazy this weekend. after 1 and a half long long wks of prepping for a meeting with the president (of my company) on Wednesday, and a lot of unneeded stress, i think i clocked in 10 hrs friday and last night. aaaaaahhhhh. with wacky dreams to boot. but im not complaining.

last night doug and i went out to one of our favorite restaurants in the west village, Extra Virgin. its tasty and we haven't been there since last summer! hard to believe. it was nice to relax and eat and be in the city...dont know when we will have time to do that for a while.

this afternoon i am having a pregnancy massage at Bliss! i cant wait. i don't know how they accommodate my belly, but i would settle for a long foot/leg massage at this point. ouch my feet are killing me.

nothing else happening these days. going to the doc every week starting Friday 5/15. woo whoo.