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this is the 4th time he's said bub. i call him bub. is this a coincidence?!?!?


this weekend, i introduced yogart to lars. hummmmmmmmm. can we say LOVE? like love so much that he doesn't want the food he normally seems to like? avacado has always been a favorite around here. as soon as i feed him one spoonful, his mouth is wide open and he cant get enough. today, avacado and then...crying. hum....so i offered up some yogart and out comes the little baby bird mouth - cant get enough.

he's been sleeping for TWO HOURS this afternoon. this is a rare occassion and i am enjoying it completely. ahhhhh, actually washing clothes and folding them and putting them away all in the same day. amazing! oh...wait....thats what i should be doing. instead im surfin' the net baby!