wedding band....

if i could get a new wedding band (im allergic to mine) - id get the bottom one. from wow. lars stopped wigglei ccxzz for 5 mins watching this

times they are a changin

today's been quite challenging. lars no longer will allow me to feed him via spoon. its like once he figured out how to shovel puffs into his mouth (and actually gett them IN not just near said mouth), he's all about shoveling everything into his mouth. and thusly telling me to shove it.

he hasnt gotten the spoon concept (hold spoon, dip into food, etc), so this afternoon i gave him hummus and he shoveled that in with hands (the left i might add). then for dinner, chicken in a can (yes, really) and peas. i have a load of frozen baby food that he is no longer interested in.

tonight nothing was mashed up, so im certainly sitting next to him, staring at him, watching every movement. freaking out that i dont remember the infant CPR i watched on youtube. argggghhhh. i recorded this shitty video with my cell phone after a pile of peas and chicken went down the shoot and mostly on the floor.

lars also wants to stand on his own very very badly. he how now progressed from crawling on belly to crawling...on hands and feet?!?!?!?! like the yoga position downward dog. very odd. i also noticed he was standing on his own for a few seconds while banging away at the musically table. oh no! its movin too fast.

funky day!

today lars and i went to the moomah cafe with our new friends tracy (mom) and paige (the cutest 2.5 yr old girl ive ever met ever). we had lunch, paige made a cool placemat and we hung out in the 'funky forest' which is an room with an interactive projector which moves water, grows trees, feeds trees when kids run around. paige was really into it...and lars, well he was crawling all around and smiling ear to ear. this picture is, again, from my shitty cell phone, but he really had a good time.

i meant to change his diaper before we left, and forgot. well....he leaked today for the first time ever. sorry lars. he didnt seem to mind.

we got home at 4.45, had dinner, had a bath and now...lars is fast asleep. what a champ!~

we took the ferry home and a little bus to our street. im exhausted and really just want to lie down! it was very warm - and i brought the stroller (which worked out, b/c lars slept for about 45 mins while paige played in the park). so im very glad that i brought it.

enough from me. im pooped! relaxation time!

plastic bag

i know it's totally bad for the environment, but plastic bags in trees make such a cool sound on breezy days!

it was like 70 degrees today, HOT in my book. lars and i walked around weehawken today. stopped at the Hamilton Park, where the weirdos and tourists hang out. i think his ankles got sunburn. really. bad mom. im tired. we are having salmon for dinner tonight, i guess with just a lovely boston lettuce salad. yum.

grammy cate sent some super cute clothes for lars! a madras plaid jacket, adjustable pants (at waist and hem!) and some cute tops. he will be stylin.

bus trip 2010

today was quiet lovely. i even sweated a little. lars was a gem all day, even on the bus with all the weird old ladies trying to hold his hand, with the wacky custodian at lunch who insisted she take his spoon and clean it, with the massive sunglight poring down on his face....until around 3ish when we were waiting...waiting...waiting for the bus to go home...that never arrived. uuuuh. we had lunch at Panera bread (yum! chopped salad) and got out early before it got crowded. walked around hoboken. did some shopping (see new hat) and took some pics with my cell phone. i took lars to the park by the water for a bottle and a little time out out of the bjorn around 1ish, and he ended up falling asleep in my arms! wowowowow. i guess the sun, the people, the bus really threw him for a loop. so i just sat there. cradling the baby, the 20lb baby, for nearly 40 minutes. i screwed up the return route home, so i missed the bus! we had to wait for another 45 mins for the next one. i contemplated walking. i really did. glad i didnt.

im exhasted. just got a call that doug is going out to dinner !!!!! not that i dont love the doug, but yea! no making dinner for me! im going to go cut some delisious cheese that was just delivered and drink it with my light but oh so powerful white wine. go me.


it's going to be warm for the next few days! im already plotting my week - a walk today, bus to hoboken tomorrow and bus to the city on friday, a visitor on saturday and a visit to a special 2 year old on sunday. its perfect timing for lars to be able to be awake for extended periods of time - and to have spring.

daylight savings time sorta wacked us out. lars slept later each morning, but....his naps are wacky. i dont get it. he's also getting 4 more teeth. he already has 4 on top and 3 on the bottom. these seem to be taking forever and causing the most pain. he's constantly knawing on the hand.

i dont know how many times i can re-decrorate the house but im amazed that we have so many options in this tiny apartment. now i have all the furniture pushed to the walls. i can see lars from pretty much any spot while im in the kitchen (being the wonderful homemaker that i am, of course). the apartment is not how i would perfer it, alas, i give up and he seems happy. i guess our coffee table will be pushed to the wall for another 5 yrs. hum.


phew. what a week. lars has been struggling to pull up to a standing position for quite a while now - and while he finally did it on his own yesterday (onto sofa, looked around, fell on his bottom then backwards letting out a lovely scream), he just wants to be held and/or climb on me all day long. when he's in my lap, he wants down to crawl around and then it's right back to my legs to climb up to my lap. then its back to the floor, then legs, then lap. you get the idea. he's like a puppy. not that ive ever had a puppy, but this is what i would imagine having a puppy is like. or at least what ive learned from the movies.

lars had his 9 month check up on monday. he weighs 20lbs 8oz and is 29 inches long. so its still 50% for weight and height and his head is 75% (with all the pics i take, of course he's got a big head). he freaked out screaming/crying when the nurse started to weigh him. she said 'oh, right on target for stranger anxiety!' also wouldn't sit still while doctor checked him out. the doctor directed me to sit with him on my lap. one arm holding both of his, and the other arm held his head straight. i could tell she was getting a little pissed at me, b/c i couldn't keep him still. sorry, im not use to trying to strangle my baby. eventually she got a peek in his ears and a look into his mouth. i like our new doctor alot - i wish there were toys in the waiting room, and more fun office vibe overall - but the doctor is good so - really - that is what it's all about. i can bring the kid a toy or 2. whatever.

on tuesday we went to a 'meetup' group. there were 4 other moms with their babies (all around 2 yrs old). and the woman who hosted the meetup is pregnant with #2. we are going to have a community garden in her back yard - she lives on the cliffs of weehawken, overlooking nyc. and apprently the previous tenants had a garden. there are reminants of corn and berry bushes floating around. sounds so cool - and we'd get lovely veggies all summer long! she's got a looong backyard and so lars can play with the older kids and get some much needed grass time this summer. should be fun.

we've been going on long walks daily, enjoying the weather the past few days. luckily, lars still enjoys napping in the stroller and has actually started to remain asleep once i enter a shop/store. yey for me! yesterday i actually got a few groceries and he didnt wake up until the very end - NOR did he scream bloody murder. double yay.

9 months old

i guess it's going to be a long time before i can take photos of lars sitting still! today he is 9 months old. and here he is crawling yesterday. all he wants to do is grab the good old camera.

im back

that's it. i am back. i have been so busy with day-to-day nonsense that i forgotten that i wanted to keep this blog as a record of my first year with lars!!!! a memory. i have stumbled upon a bunch of amazing blogs/sites lately that are quite inspiring!!! last night i got sucked into this one and i just love everything about it. i really want to get my sewing machine out for good and first, do all the little things i keep saying i will do (like make new curtains for lars' room, that have a straight hem and block more light), then 2ndly make all the little things that will be so much fun.

lars has been just wonderful - he will be 9 months this week - hard to believe but i better get use to it, its happening so fast! he's crawling, doing push-ups, trying hard to pull up, eating all the time, and having lots of fun. i actually got down on my hands and knees and cleaned under the stove with a toothbrush. seems that lars likes to bee-line to this spot in the house - poking his finger under the stove and coming out with lots of gunk. eeeew. i honestly never thought in a million years i would be scrubbing a floor with a toothbrush.

he's been changing his naps over the last few weeks, and now we do 2 naps a day - one around 9.30 and the other around 2ish. let's see how long this one lasts today!!! its certainly nice to have some quiet time to be on the computer.

its 2.15ish and im going to eat some lunch while im thinking of it. more soon.