how do you know what is wrong when your kid cant talk?

rookie mom mistake #432: blaming every little whine on teething. oh well. last week lars was not himself, as they say. seemed tired and got cranky ....a lot. then doug wakes up with a sore throat on saturday, now me, and massive headaches to boot. oh, crap, maybe my kid was sick last week. too bad he couldn't tell me his throat was sore. or maybe he even had a headache!!! oh, now i know why he only wanted to eat yogart! i could barely swallow my toast this morning.

now that we've got that out of the way, lets recuperate.

we are moving up in the world - moved from highchair to booster seat! and bought a potty! wowo! so what is lars is using it to play basket ball. we are introducing it slowly, so there is less freak factor. plans to attempt potty training around christmas time - when he's about 18 months old. wish us luck.

its still really hot here - after a few days of 'coolth' (mom) we are back to 96. blah. i know i know everyone talks about the weather, but its draining, really it is. eps when you've got a toddler. phewie.

looking forward to some fun classes and indoor gyms this fall/winter and a visit to the science museum next weekend! ya!

naps, no naps and more or less a few other naps

as we transition to one nap, i look back fondly on the last year. i already wear rose colored glasses and am convienced that lars is the best child ever created. this, after only knowing him for 14 months, is how i choose to remember my baby!

the days have been tough the last few weeks - to be honest. before we had 2 naps, totally by the clock (give or take 15 mins) and, while i was homebound quiet a lot, i also have accepted this - knowing that my son's sleep = health. he loves his sleep and is a mess when we mess things up.

yet over the past few weeks, morning naps just dont happen - there is screaming the crib (or sometimes just talking) and a lot of MAMAMAMMAMAMAMMA so i get him out, then we try try try a few times later until he finally settles down to sleep. today, first nap at 11am, and that was all. so a very very tired kid went to sleep at 6pm. so much for our 7pm bedtime! boo.

other than that, im thinking about the fall and all the cool stuff we can do, when its not 1099 degrees and i assume i will be more apt to drive the car. ha ha. i also very much like the idea of not having to worry about his morning nap and we can go out and have fun and do whatever and the only sleep that ties me to the house is around 2ish. phew! that would be pretty cool.

pretty cool indeed!

br. cold.

im freezing in our bedroom b/c we like it chilly at night. um...but lars' room is barely cool. so, here i sit. freezing to ensure my child is not boiling!

today, august 5th, lars and i were totally out of sync. for the first time, in forever at least that i can remember.

typically, when he's upset i know why (i took him out and he is tired, im late with getting dinner ready, he wouldnt nap and we met up with friends anyway, he hated his lunch and we left hungry). but today - just madness. i guess im getting into the terrible twos. huh. or maybe its my fault for not listening today. id like to think its the latter.

he's slowly dropping the morning nap. so if no sleep in the am, we nap earlier, like 12ish. today, i put him down around 10ish to see what would happen - and the whole day went awry. he slept, but then snacks/lunch/naps/park were all screwed up and i couldnt seem to catch up. sorry lars! read this some day, a long time from now, and you will forgive me, im sure of it. :p

there was a lot of fussing/crying/unhappiness. we even went out for ice cream this afternoon. he loves DULCE DE LECHE and a place just down the street (block) is homemade! yum! weve gone there before and once its all gone, lars is like OK. COOL LETS GO. yet was scream-fest 2010. onlookers were actually giving me the evil eye! assholes!

phew. luckily there are cool fans in the shopping center lobby and he was pleased as punch once more. for a few minutes. anyway.

alas, he's still the best B ever. im so lucky to get to hang with this little dude every day. he's funny and silly and smart and happy. he makes the guenthers happy.

i love this kid more than i even thought/knew was humanly possible and i cant stop hugging and kissing him. doug literally jumps out of bed in the morning to greet him and get him ready for the day. we are crazy and in love with our son.

august ....

we are back, and last week it took all week to sort of feel settled. or maybe its the nap transition that is happening now. oh yea, that might be it. well, last week, lars sometimes slept in the am, sometimes just talked for 30 mins, or was so quietly playing that i thought he was napping, but really just talking to Roy and Lucky. humph.

this am, we tried a nap, he talked. 20ish minutes of BLAHAHAHAHEKAA AHBLKEHA and then quiet, but no nap. okay. so after lunch we just take a nice long nap. im missing the morning quiet julia time, LOVING the 2-3 hours in the afternoon time! i actually think this is much better.

lars went to his first beach in maine. it was a rocky rocky beach, but we had fun. i stood back, because it hurt my feet. doug is a trooper and waded in the rocks with lars (who had proper foot protection). we also stopped at a beach in...conneticut (we think) and that was awesome - a real live beach with....sand! and tons of kids and lars just walked in and out of the water and was a very happy kid. and tired.

that's all i got for you. im like the house secretary, house office assitant and house ...well, COO so ive got a lot of crap to do.