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merry xmas


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

i have no idea if anyone is reading this. but ive been gone a loooong time. we moved before Thanksgiving and its been hard getting settled. Today i'd say we have just a few items to hang up, and ive got curtains to shorten and hang....and we are finished! we've got our Xmas tree up, with lights, but need more....and doug really wants Lars to participate in the decorating of the tree. SO, we are waiting until Saturday - we will get more lights and go to town. its the most beautiful tree that we've ever had! so pretty.

lars is getting his top teeth now! he doesnt seem too upset about it. the gums are swollen, and he is chewing on his hands...his toys...burp cloths...my fingers....constantly. he is sleeping 6-6 daily and starting to take decent naps on his own! he is trying very very had to crawl. he sticks his but up in the air and moves 1 millimeter at a time. ....

thats all ive got for you. im making peppermint bark tonight. merry xmas.