hello everyone!

so some folks have been asking where we are registered, so i thought i would post it here.... even though i do feel a little weird about it.

the website is to the right of this msg. its called myregistry.com. you just have to plug in doug's name or my name and there you go. thanks to everyone for asking what we need, looking at the site or even thinking about getting baby duke a gift. we are *trying* to be as minimal as possible - we live in a tiny apartment with no storage - so we are really looking for the essentials to help us prepare.

many thanks, and hope everyone is happy and healthy.

should i be afraid?


looking large and in charge here. i have a serious issue smiling like a normal person.


i cant stop eating jelly beans. do i care? not really.

is anyone reading this? i think the answer is no.

that's cool. im considering this my baby journal (okay, im obviously not writing like i would privately in a journal, i will spare you that anguish!). some day, baby duke can read this, look at the pictures, make fun of me, not give a crap or think its cool. either way, here it is.

today, no seat on the subway...i think i need to start asking people to get up. ive lost all hope in these damn new jersey folks. i was almost in tears getting to manhattan. my legs feel like i just ran a marathon.

what gives.


im 29 weeks pregnant. above is picture from last weekend.
i actually look more pregnant in normal clothes. for some reason, these belly shots dont tell the whole truth. which is odd because this is not a maternity tank top. im at the stage where people move out of my way when i walk down the street (finally!). i dont always get a seat on the subway, and man, lately i need it. my feet are killing me...

today is sunday and ive been relaxing all weekend. ive been having a few aches and pains for the past few days, and have been exhasted! i had all intentions of continuing the 'big clean' of baby's room, but im at the point that i need doug's man power. our closet is a disaster and the furniture needs to be re-arranged. on a positive side: all the papers are filed and ive used all office storage boxes as planned. we are getting there.

doug has been working all weekend. i saw him this morning for about 2 hrs. luckly, this weekend working thing is not typical and after today it should be over (at least for a few months)...so hopefully, we will make the room presentable before the baby arrives.

no news to report. baby still moves like crazy, especially after i eat. sometimes my entire body moves when he moves! i had no idea that babies moved this much. i like to just sit still and watch my belly shake. im not sure the novelty will ever wear off for me...