bus trip 2010

today was quiet lovely. i even sweated a little. lars was a gem all day, even on the bus with all the weird old ladies trying to hold his hand, with the wacky custodian at lunch who insisted she take his spoon and clean it, with the massive sunglight poring down on his face....until around 3ish when we were waiting...waiting...waiting for the bus to go home...that never arrived. uuuuh. we had lunch at Panera bread (yum! chopped salad) and got out early before it got crowded. walked around hoboken. did some shopping (see new hat) and took some pics with my cell phone. i took lars to the park by the water for a bottle and a little time out out of the bjorn around 1ish, and he ended up falling asleep in my arms! wowowowow. i guess the sun, the people, the bus really threw him for a loop. so i just sat there. cradling the baby, the 20lb baby, for nearly 40 minutes. i screwed up the return route home, so i missed the bus! we had to wait for another 45 mins for the next one. i contemplated walking. i really did. glad i didnt.

im exhasted. just got a call that doug is going out to dinner !!!!! not that i dont love the doug, but yea! no making dinner for me! im going to go cut some delisious cheese that was just delivered and drink it with my light but oh so powerful white wine. go me.

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