funky day!

today lars and i went to the moomah cafe with our new friends tracy (mom) and paige (the cutest 2.5 yr old girl ive ever met ever). we had lunch, paige made a cool placemat and we hung out in the 'funky forest' which is an room with an interactive projector which moves water, grows trees, feeds trees when kids run around. paige was really into it...and lars, well he was crawling all around and smiling ear to ear. this picture is, again, from my shitty cell phone, but he really had a good time.

i meant to change his diaper before we left, and forgot. well....he leaked today for the first time ever. sorry lars. he didnt seem to mind.

we got home at 4.45, had dinner, had a bath and now...lars is fast asleep. what a champ!~

we took the ferry home and a little bus to our street. im exhausted and really just want to lie down! it was very warm - and i brought the stroller (which worked out, b/c lars slept for about 45 mins while paige played in the park). so im very glad that i brought it.

enough from me. im pooped! relaxation time!

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