size: people are saying i look 'tiny' and someone actually asked if i was due THIS june. ha ha. well, i will post a picture later this weekend for all to judge. im measuring perfectly at the doc, so i do not worry. doug and i can only assume its due to my height of 5'8" and long torso, but i can still see my feet. i look about 4 months pregnant, not almost 6. oh wait, i think i AM 6 months now. im 24 weeks today. wowee. time flies.

kickin around

baby duke has been kicking up a storm these days! yesterday, i felt his hiccups. it started before i got out of bed and continued on and off through the morning. funny.

we are organizing the baby's room next weekend. currently it's filled with all the junk weve accumulated. plus a 2 chairs that we dont have room for in the living room, a sofa, a computer, and a dresser. ooooh, boy. i really dont know where or how we are going to fit a crib in this apartment. im thinking maybe not, since we plan to move when the baby is about 5 months. ive ordered some storage boxes from the company i work for, thanks to 40% off i could get even more than i normally would have. this will help clean up the junk that ive been too lazy to organize lately, but.....the computer....where does that go. ugh.

last weekend, our friends in philadelphia had a dinner party for us. we were surprised to also receive gifts for the baby - we got some baby toys, and a gift card!!!! it was really nice and unexpected. karen also had a few things that she had duplicates of or didnt use with their son - and offered them to us. now we have a wipe warmer, changing table pad and tons of nursing pads! this baby thing is starting to feel...real. oh, doug's friend damian made an amazing chicken wrapped in bacon - owah! soooo good.

ive been working late most of this past week due to meeting preperations. i was so exhasted all week and need to do nothing today. and im doing exactly that. i just took a nap at 11am after doug made french toast with mixed berry compote. yum! breakfast, then nap. pure beauty. if i was just near a pool or even in warm sun, then it would be perfect.

i guess breakfast prep exhasted doug b/c he is now napping on the sofa, with golf on the TV. oh wait, golf makes me want to nap too...

i think this is what our son will look like. with doug (ben stiller) in the middle. maybe we will have another and re-create this photo. this is from the Royal Tenenbaums. doug just left for a jog wearing this outfit in black. 

today is the last week of my first trimester! i am 23 weeks and getting bigger every day.

last weekend, we bought a new camera. doug's been reading up on all of its features. we took some pictures last night. i would post them now, but i dont know how to download them yet. i will get them up here tomorrow.

ive been pretty tired these last few weeks... super tired at work. and cant seem to remember anything! i know i should be exercising, but im not. im just walking to and from work (which is about 45 mins total a day) but im having restless legs (aka "jimmy legs" doug says is from seinfeild) at night. we watch tv or a movie and i have to stand for most of the evening. doing squats and stretches. ugh! but it helps, so once i get to the bed, i can fall asleep quickly....i just dont stay asleep!!!!! 

beth sent some books last week, which made me tear up just looking at the covers~ i havent opened them yet. i am going to start reading to the baby at night.

i just found out that hoboken has a 'moms group' and there are tons of new mom activities to do in our little town!!!! there are also tons of classes for toddlers, etc. 

lazy sunday.

last night doug made valentine's day dinner: filet, mashed potatoes, roasted brussel sprouts. and we had a lovely chocolate mousse cake for dessert! thanks D!
later in the evening, i happen to have my hand on my belly and felt baby D kick from the outside! whah! then he proceeded to kick ALL NIGHT LONG. awesome.

well, here is another baby doug pic. cute!

a hint of what's to come?

here is Doug's birth picture! 


well, we've got a boy on our hands!!! 
today we got to see baby duke after 8 long weeks. its a joy to see this little person waving around, gulping, squirming....its so much more REAL now that we know the gender. here are 2 pictures they gave us, bottom is a 3d image.  he looks like doug already!!!!! 


sorry poppop for not writing lately! 

more soon, promise.