phew. what a week. lars has been struggling to pull up to a standing position for quite a while now - and while he finally did it on his own yesterday (onto sofa, looked around, fell on his bottom then backwards letting out a lovely scream), he just wants to be held and/or climb on me all day long. when he's in my lap, he wants down to crawl around and then it's right back to my legs to climb up to my lap. then its back to the floor, then legs, then lap. you get the idea. he's like a puppy. not that ive ever had a puppy, but this is what i would imagine having a puppy is like. or at least what ive learned from the movies.

lars had his 9 month check up on monday. he weighs 20lbs 8oz and is 29 inches long. so its still 50% for weight and height and his head is 75% (with all the pics i take, of course he's got a big head). he freaked out screaming/crying when the nurse started to weigh him. she said 'oh, right on target for stranger anxiety!' also wouldn't sit still while doctor checked him out. the doctor directed me to sit with him on my lap. one arm holding both of his, and the other arm held his head straight. i could tell she was getting a little pissed at me, b/c i couldn't keep him still. sorry, im not use to trying to strangle my baby. eventually she got a peek in his ears and a look into his mouth. i like our new doctor alot - i wish there were toys in the waiting room, and more fun office vibe overall - but the doctor is good so - really - that is what it's all about. i can bring the kid a toy or 2. whatever.

on tuesday we went to a 'meetup' group. there were 4 other moms with their babies (all around 2 yrs old). and the woman who hosted the meetup is pregnant with #2. we are going to have a community garden in her back yard - she lives on the cliffs of weehawken, overlooking nyc. and apprently the previous tenants had a garden. there are reminants of corn and berry bushes floating around. sounds so cool - and we'd get lovely veggies all summer long! she's got a looong backyard and so lars can play with the older kids and get some much needed grass time this summer. should be fun.

we've been going on long walks daily, enjoying the weather the past few days. luckily, lars still enjoys napping in the stroller and has actually started to remain asleep once i enter a shop/store. yey for me! yesterday i actually got a few groceries and he didnt wake up until the very end - NOR did he scream bloody murder. double yay.

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