im back

that's it. i am back. i have been so busy with day-to-day nonsense that i forgotten that i wanted to keep this blog as a record of my first year with lars!!!! a memory. i have stumbled upon a bunch of amazing blogs/sites lately that are quite inspiring!!! last night i got sucked into this one and i just love everything about it. i really want to get my sewing machine out for good and first, do all the little things i keep saying i will do (like make new curtains for lars' room, that have a straight hem and block more light), then 2ndly make all the little things that will be so much fun.

lars has been just wonderful - he will be 9 months this week - hard to believe but i better get use to it, its happening so fast! he's crawling, doing push-ups, trying hard to pull up, eating all the time, and having lots of fun. i actually got down on my hands and knees and cleaned under the stove with a toothbrush. seems that lars likes to bee-line to this spot in the house - poking his finger under the stove and coming out with lots of gunk. eeeew. i honestly never thought in a million years i would be scrubbing a floor with a toothbrush.

he's been changing his naps over the last few weeks, and now we do 2 naps a day - one around 9.30 and the other around 2ish. let's see how long this one lasts today!!! its certainly nice to have some quiet time to be on the computer.

its 2.15ish and im going to eat some lunch while im thinking of it. more soon.

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