3 month weigh in

lars had a 3 month weigh-in today: 13lbs 4oz! i cant believe he is that big. there was a teeny-tiny newborn in the office....so hard to believe that was lars just a few months ago. how time flies.

welcome back

well, we had an eventful week!

lars got to meet many new relatives on saturday. grandmom cate, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it. he was exhausted and slept the entire ride to the shore. thanks everyone for making the trip to meet our baby.

then there was our vacation at the shore! had a lovely time....doing pretty much nothing for a week. lars was great on his first vacation - a little wacky at night, but i know he enjoyed all the attention from his grandparents, cousins and aunt beth!!!! 

ive got a lot of photos to publish on flickr - but im over my limit for the month, so i will post them all on tuesday~

amazing news: lars turned 3 months this week. he's a chubby little dude and every day we look at him, we are amazed.  


today mr. lars is 11 weeks old. 

last night, mr. lars slept 8 hrs, with one wake up for a bottle at 3.30. 


doug and i woke up 'naturally' this morning at 6.30 and not from a crying/fussy baby for the first time in 3 months. it was lovely!

i drank coffee while lars kept sleeping!!! 

here is lars, in his odd sleeping position right now, as he takes his first nap ever during the day in his bed! (usually naps are on a person, in moses basket, or in sling). 

bath time!

a few new pics

lars after his first 2 immunization shots on wednesday. bugs bunny band-aids. he screamed bloody murder, then quickly calmed down. phew!

doug and lars, bored by my photo shoot.

baby lars, 10 weeks old!!!!! wow!

go phillies

he found his thumb

after using all these pacifiers, he has discovered the thumb anyway. he is also sticking the entire hand in mouth, and gnawing like mad. 

two month checkup

lars is weighing in at 11 pounds, 14 ounces today. he will be 10 weeks tomorrow, but today we had his 2month appt. lars is in the 50% for weight, height and head circumference. 

all is well, lars was very good at the doctor! smiling all the while he had his heart listened too, ears checked. he stayed on his belly and pushed up for a good minute!!! - 

he had 2 shots today. cried like crazy.

very cranky today. gotta go.

birdie mobile

many months ago...when lars was just a week little bean in my belly, i posted a picture of a mobile that i really liked...

well, grandmom did some internet clicking, and has made it for lars! here is a picture of the mobile hanging in lars's room. 

thank you thank you thank you mom for making this. its so awesome. so beautiful! and so perfect!!!!!


is it possible, julia dean guenther is turning into a morning person? ha, well, its all by default, but i dont seem to mind 4 hrs sleep and...getting up at 5am and staying up. well, thank goodness lars likes to sleep on mommy - we get our daily nap in.

speaking of daily nap, today lars is enjoying the sling for the past hour. hope he still wants to nap later - mommy needs a nap too.

he is also very much enjoying his chair. this chair bounces/rocks based on baby's motions, so no batteries needed. he seems to like to watch me cook or do laundry. how thrilling!!!! today he sat quietly in the chair for AN HOUR! blessed child thank you!!!!