our gemini

The Gemini Baby


May 21 - June 21 
Planet - Mercury 
Element - Air

Eager to get going (this baby probably kicked up a storm in the womb!), the Gemini baby is likely to be talking early and making a mark from day one. Curious and quite the explorer, this tot is one who needs lots of stimuli in order to be happy, as they are easily bored. Since those communication skills are top-notch, the smart thing to do with this baby is bring them into a play group as soon as possible. At home, siblings could easily fill this function, as someone must! It's never too early for the Gemini baby to interact with others, and they will also learn their lessons early on. The Gemini tot is definitely not clingy. Quite the contrary, this is one baby who is happy to march to their own drummer, gallivanting about and being amused in the process. Surprisingly, when this baby is not engaged (chatting or playing with others), there could be a certain emotional detachment. For that reason, it's best to keep things uncomplicated and easy for them to understand, the better to maintain harmony. To sum up, the Gemini baby is the Great Communicator of the play group, has a short attention span (so keep 'em busy!), and is one clever and creative tot.

mommy and daddy

new born julia
plus newborn douglas 
= newborn lars!!

from gus

 we got a welcome card in the mail yesterday from our nephew gus dean, 7 yrs old. could he be any sweeter? we've got it hanging up in lars's room already! 

cool stuff about Lars

1. lars has 2 patches of white hair on his head
2. lars has an outtie belly button
3. lars has his daddy's funny pinkie fingers
4. lars has more clothes than mommy!

feeding frenzy!

lars has been eating constantly all night long. took a 2hr nap from 9ish to 11ish, then feeding non-stop from 12 to 3!!!! we did get a 20 minute walk about town in there...but that is all.

now, he is sleeping with doug. im going to take a nap myself. whew! man!

before and after

just wanted to record my last belly pics. here i was at 37wks, and then here is lars just 4 days later!!! ahhahahah.

things are going well. lars has started to poop regularly...and eats well. he is sleeping after feedings, like a good boy! 

6 days old! 6 days old!

picture from june 9th. my cell takes a pretty good photo!!!! 

we went to the doc today. waiting for lars to have a breast feed poop...this is very difficult for us! i just got my milk last night, so any day now....any day now...he's lost a pound, which is normal, so i need to make him fat asap!!!

all hail, the colonel is here!


june 4th, 10.21pm
7 lbs 2 oz
20.5 inches long

mom, dad and lars are all doing well. 
mom learns to type with one hand, 
dad becomes expert swaddler, 
lars defines love! 

37 weeks

woowee. 37 weeks already.

we had a wonderful weekend - beth and jer had a party for us on saturday. yummy food, awesome gifts (all much needed stuff!). its really starting to feel REAL now!! this is unbelievable. is there a baby in there?!?!?! oh wait, i can feel him poking my ribs, yes...there's a baby in there!

im home today. i was wide awake at 1am...tossed and turned until 3. finally got out of bed, ate a banana and cleaned a little. my feet are still swollen and started to ache this weekend...the idea of walking, just not cool.

there are 2 huge flies in our apartment! EK. and im lying on the sofa, feet ontop of 3 pillows, covered in blanket, with laptop on my thighs. they are swarming all around me! arhg!!!!! gross!

doug made me a lovely smoothy this morning. THANKS DADDY DUKER!