MORE SICK, teething and a bday approaching!

greatness my ass, he was getting SICK! so lars caught an awful bug about 2 weeks ago....projectile vomit, the poos, fever (well, elevated temperature) which progressed to a cough, massive congestion, even more massive mucus and then...a sick mother. finally, we are both better - im only coughing at night and lars is well, back to being an almost one year old.

the past few weeks have been like living in a black hole. where did april go? now, its may 3rd and we've got a packed may. i think every weekend is booked!

on top of being very very sick, lars was/is getting FIRST MOLARS!!!!!! yes, i looked this up and they are 'due' around 14-17 months, and while he is only 11 months (tomorrow) he also got his first teeth around 4 months, so he's about 3-4 month ahead of the text-book tooth getting age. ahgrigh! he's got one huge huge tooth broken thru on the bottom and the other side is swollen and red. no wonder this kid woke up screaming a few times last week. DUH.

im attempting to plan a little family first birthday party for lars too. it will be at my parents house, since our apartment is, well, a 2 bedroom apt apx 1000 square feet. we'd be able to have about 5 people, total in the apartment. its cramped when we have one couple over for dinner. anywho....

speaking of small apartments, im very very happy to be in this one right now. it's so easy to keep my eye on lars - there aren't that many places he can be! sometimes he crawls away, down the hallway and into his room but i can see him running away. and at this age, he doesnt want to be in his room alone - so we either play in his room together (today we built some seriously high towers) or he plays in the living room. thats about it!

all in all, its been a pretty good spring. im happy to be feeling above the weather for a change and looking forward to some fun summer times.

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