when lars naps, he grows about 83929 inches. seriously, i go to check on him and its like someone switched my baby (gasp, when are they considered toddlers?) with a teenager. i feel like he should be talking and telling what he did in school today. alas, he is 11 months old....and not even walking.

lars has started to 'sway' and 'bop' to music - its so cute! today we went to a 'makeup' music class since lars was sick early april and we missed 2 weeks in a row. during class, which we typically enjoy on thrusdays, lars clings to me like no other kid in the group. he hugs me and stares at the teacher (who playes music with a guitar, a base, etc). lars "sort of" smiles and then puts his head on my lap. all the other babies are crawling around, or sitting with their mommy's or babysitters or nannies and watching the teach with awe. yesterday, he sorta enjoyed it, so i thought we better go back today to make up, as discussed above, since we are running out of time.

well, thankfully we did! today, while he started out with the usual hugging and staring, he progressed to pointing at the mom's toes sitting to our left, and even smiling at the mom to the right. by the end of the class, lars was 'walking' with my help, toward the teacher and actually played on the mats - without me - while i got my crap together for the journey home. phew!

once good thing, there was a 13 month old girl there who apparently is also a little intimidated by the teacher, the noise level in general. the mom said to me 'oh, im so glad that my daughter isnt the only kid who doesnt like this class!' uuuuuh. i guess it made me feel better on some level too?

tgif i guess.

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