walk this way

well, lars is very close to walking. we havent purchased a 'walker' or a push toy to aid in walking, we just watch him try the old fashioned way. lars took a few steps to me about a month ago - then got very sick and well, all went to hell. but every time i look over he's just standing there, teedering, looking at me slyly, and then finally plops down on his butt. and back up again...and the cycle continues.

we had a busy weekend - my parents were in town. my dad was alone with lars for like 2 whole hours! and they both survived! i told my dad if he just keeps reading lars books, all will be well. after some car issues (my dad's, not mine) my mom and i made it to Bliss spa and we had massages. it was great! i wish there was a way to just nap there for a little while. nothing like putting your clothes on and driving back home to feed your kid peas and wrestle on the changing table. ahhahhahahaha. the life.

doug made a lovely dinner on saturday and i felt like crap all day yesterday. what a blast!

im excited to spend an entire week at my parents - from memorial day to lars' first birthday! at the pool, in the grass, should be fun. wonder if lars will be walking by then!!!!

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