bus, music, naps, eating, naps, music and more naps.

so i realize lars is about to do some serious greatness. he's been sleeping like a log the past few days. 2 hr naps, 2x a day?!?!?! all he wants to do is stand. stand. stand. soooo, here we gooooooo....

he's so funny - he cant eat in public. he is so distracted by the dogs, the kids, the other moms, the toys, the noise, the stuff - he will eat a few pieces of cheese and then start wiggling, squirming. we get home, and he downs some ground turkey, avacado, raisins, applesause, you name it. and hits the hay. ah well. i shouldnt complain - at least he's letting me feed him again! ya!

yesterday was our first Music for Aardvarks class. it was rather overwhelming for the little baby, it was loud about 15 other little babies there. pretty fun. we just popped on the bus and were there in no time. home by 1pm, time for lunch and a loong nap! we were both pretty tired, but it was the first day. i know he liked it, he was totally mezmerized by the dude playing the guitar. cool.

i REALLY need to get a new carrier thou. he has outgrown the Bjorn, my shoulders are starting the hurt and well....did i mention he's outgrown it?!

other than that, not too much going on. im starting to think about what to do for this big old ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY that is fast approching. hum...he wont remember it....but you only turn ONE once. all i care about that he gets a little cake all to himself. other than that, um....whatever!

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