sick, easter and well, more sick

off we go to my parents for easter weekend, im sitting here listening to the morning benders, hoping my blister will go away so i can wear my new vans, and hoping lars sleeps just for a few minutes more. ive put out all the junk that needs to go into bags, but just need to put the stuff into the bags. very happy that lars seems to need less junk these days. he will be a whopping 10 months old on sunday! fun.

lars and i both have colds. my throat was getting sore last night, i slept like crap and ....woke up feeling like crap. lars cried a few times in the night, but every time i went to check on him he was fast asleep. so i guess he was OK. but i heard heavy breathing.....and this morning he had a runny nose. he seems ok other than that, just wants to be held alot.

napping for almost an hour this morning which allows me to 1/take a shower 2/pack our toiletress 3/sit on the computer and wish i had something other than cold coffee to drink.

i dont like coffee when im sick. but dont have the energy to make tea (yes, yes, its just boiling water!) oh! wait. we have OJ.

happy easter everyone. easter for us is well, chocolate and bunnies and i love it.

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