sunday, monday

ah, what a looong week last week was. very busy, but not really, but not a lot of long naps and i was sick and exhasted and well, i guess i didnt do much other than blow my nose and go thru tissues like lars goes thru diapers.

lars is standing on his own now, so ...naturally, all he wants to do is stand. i mean, he falls eventually, but he is letting go and stays up for quiet a while, which is pretty cool! while im okay with this standing up thing most of the day, during bathtime i find it a little difficult and frustrating...he cannot stand well in the tub. so... its up and down and up and down. blah. up...down...up...down.

we had some friends over for lunch on friday - two babies also born in june. so insane that these kiddos will be one year old soon. i cant even stand it. hopefully we can do something fun in the city to celebrate all the june babies!

today i finally cut off lars' rat tail. he was mezmerzied by YO GABA GABA and i did a little snip snip while he was in the highchair. perfect! that mullet was driving me crazy. i know no one else cares...alas, i have to look at it all day. hopefully he never grows one out of fashion choice. oh man.

yesterday doug and i took lars to 'hamilton park' which is along the river, just a block away. it was a lovely day and doug walked lars all around the grass. lars doesnt seem to like grass much. i guess its pretty weird when you think about it....

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