so here we go, back to angel baby. lars was awesome today (um, so far) and i realize he is a toddler, pushing boundries, frustrated b/c he cannot communicate with words, is tired as he transitions to one nap and is overwhelmed by new places/toys/stuff, and just would rather explore than sit still. i get it. i just wish he'd listen to me. ha ha.

i took him to mommy/son lunch today. he sat in the chair, ate an ENTIRE grilled cheese, and yogart. didnt even throw anything on the floor. wow. i actually ate lunch today! a dream date, for sure. if i could just figure out how to go shopping with him, now....that'd be a feat.

now he's napping....and again, i should be packing. arugh. next 2 weeks is going to be big time packing. i know, i keep saying that. but really, big time.

whatever. that's all ive got to say.

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