new place....

here is lars in his new room. its like half the size of current room, but ill take the hard wood and amazingly awesome paint job, and ceiling fan! yea!

the kitchen has a window! yea! its like 2 feet from the next house, but it still gets light, which makes me very very happy. also, while i hate the light fixtures (we will change them in the living room) i love the cabinets! they are a buttery yellow - not wood and this makes me happy.
here's the view from the front of the living room, toward the kitchen. the 'office' is to the right of where i was standing. this room will be dining room, living room and a little play space for lars.

 the view from standing in the kitchen. lars' play space will be by the windows at the end of the room....
here is the 'office' - which we painted grey - im very happy to say we wont have to have our computer in our bedroom for the first time since lars has been born. its nice to have a seperate room for that crap. ya!

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