hi, im procrastinating again. last night doug went thru some closets, tossing stuff we havent looked at in the year since we've lived here....and certainly do not need to cart to another apartment. broken umbrellas, random notepads with one sheet of paper and a few computer laptop bags ...that dont even belong to us.

(oh, doug opened up one bag and inside had the following: stack of business cards from former co-worker, 1 breath mint, 1 condom, 1 sample size cologne).

i should be packing now, its peaceful in our apartment - lars is asleep and doug is out. ive just spent the last 30 minutes fooling around with the design of this here silly blog and still hate it, but im tired so i give up... for now. argh. i have a lot of learning to do.

had a lovely dinner at a friend's house. i brought a big vat of soup and she made pumpkin bread! yum! lars ate like three spoon fulls of soup and then whined and cried and made a mess and screamed to get out of the chair. i just posted this to facebook, but seriously, he's become the kid i said id never have.

the kid that is rambunctious and crazy and doesn't listen when we are out and makes a big fuss and wont eat. yes, i have that child now. he's freaking out when i change his diaper. he freaked out when i put him in the booster seat. he freaked out when he heard the word milk. oh man. this kid! and...to top it off, he bit me 3 times. THREE TIMES! he just did this the other day too...im saying that he only does it when he's tired, and yes, we are still transitioning to one nap and i know he gets wild around 4pm.... i know, i know! he's a toddler and that is what they do! but, i SWEAR, at home, he is an ANGEL! really... he's happy and smiling and silly and agreeable and cuddly and funny and smart and playful. I SWEAR.

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