hi....well....today was a whole new...experience.

off to music class, after a lovely nap. everything is going swimmingly - a snack in the park, some milk and we get to class just in time. lars finally decided he likes the class, and walks all over the place.

today - he was waving red drumsticks all around the room. walking over to the wee babies and waving the stick near their heads. mothers looking at me with terror in their eyes. the room is chaotic, music, babies, toddlers, moms, aunts, grandparents. its hard to think, let alone make sure the kid is not poking someone's eye out (um, or their own). i took off his slipper shoe thingers, and we go barefoot once more. he's better at walking but still insists on carrying objects across the room, toward the other easy-going babies who are simply playing, examining the musical insturments. ooooooh. today was a doozy.

after the class, he settled down enough for me to change his diaper (not easy in a public restroom at this age) and got into the stroller no problem! wow! okay, maybe things were looking up.

we had more snacks and planned to get some lunch - um....we made it to meet our friends and lars just busted out with massive tears, snot, and general freaking outness. so we did a little walk about, this didnt help. it was my fault. for sure, this part of the day anyway. this was nap-time and i should have known better!

we made it to the park. i shoved food into his mouth and he calmed down. the tears subsided. he looked exhasted. i got him in the stroller and thought 'oooo weee' lars is going to nap and i can get some lunch and sit outside! nope. no nap. yappiety yap yap yap all the way to the car.

im not complaining. this kid is cool. he's napping now...a late one for sure, but i dont care.... i should be napping too.

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Anonymous said...

he is doing so much, don't know how you find the time for all the activities but it is good. walking, making words that u understand and making distant relatives feel he is comfortable with them. we had such a good time with him. he is a cool child. so much to explore you can see the wheels turning. pics are great. so music class is almost over, what do you have planned next??? summer great time to learn to walk and explore.