happy father's day, and some other stuff

bur! its been rather hot all week. ive got the AC pumping, so in our bedroom im chilly, but the kid is cool. thats all that matters!

we've had some wacky days over the last few weeks. lars has pretty much all of his baby teeth!!!! i really need to get him to the dentist. we have a friend in the city, so im thinking of making an appt, but lugging him to the upper east side in 98 degree heat...welll....sounds....not fun.

music class is over, and its been HOT. we have been chilling at target, the bookstore, the cafe, the supermarket, and ...the park (when i dont feel like im going to combust), and some friends' houses. today lars and i had a nice little lunch at panera bread, i got my favorite salad and he ate bread. i really dont care if he didnt want anything else to eat and stared at the little girl in the bright orange printed dress the whole time. he was quiet and i got to eat the entire salad! yea baby!

other than a few BBQs and some quality family time, we dont have a lot planned this summer.

a long road trip in july, some family visits and then... august is WIDE OPEN. im looking forward to a big bag of nothing. maybe some swimming and maybe some new parks. but seriously, lars is like me, and doesnt like the heat. or at least i keep telling doug that so we dont have to melt.

we finally got a babysitter - and i went to hoboken on my own yesterday. i felt like i was walking around without my left arm, but...ill get use to it. someday.

here's a little short film i made for doug for his SECOND FATHER'S DAY!

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