the toddler and me

as soon as lars started walking (may 27th, at 11.45am, if you are wondering), he's sort of 'woken up'. no longer clutching me when in public, lars wants to walk. and walk he will. i even got him some shoes, finally. so...okay, sometimes he grabs on to my neck like he's pulling apart taffy, but that is only when maybe there is an unusual dog nearby, or a total stranger. he's comfortable in music class (finally, in time for it to be over) and he's happy to walk about a friend's house with a smile on his face, not constantly checking if im still there.

hold on. he still does not want to be in stranger's arms, ok. that's normal.... :)

today, was the first time i remembered everything before getting into the car (blankie, bottle, snacks, water, lunch, spoons, napkins). we headed to target immediately after a nap and a diaper change. lars was smiling at all the target employees and screaming BEEEE BEEEE BEEEE while i did some shopping. i cant believe its taken like a year to do this. knock on wood....he's a mellow baby but needy when it comes to being 'outside his element' the last few months...for sure. oh, and we left a trail of puffs everywhere we went. so if you happen apon the Edgewater Target today, you will know where we were....whopsies.

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