sorta happy halloween?

doug put lars in his costume in the morning. he pretty much freaked out - walking aimlessly around like 'get this off of me!' sooo....after a few snaps, we removed the hairy costume. my sisterinlaw sent it to us - my nephew wore it when he was little. 

anyway, it was cute for a second, and i will just keep telling myself NEXT YEAR he will go trick or treating. with the move, etc, i didnt have the energy to get antoher costume together the he could tolerate. 

in lieu of trick or treating with a kid who goes to sleep at 6.30, and is 16 months old, we took lars to the ZOO this weekend. we enjoyed BOO at the ZOO this time around. :)

our apartment is a total mess. stacking boxes everywhere for our move in 2 weeks. again, every time im here, or facebook, or some other computer type devise (yes, phone, im talking about you), i should be packing. we've made a big dent, and doug thinks we are pretty much done (ahahahahahah) but ive got the whole week planned out and feeling pretty good about the current state of affairs. 

more soon. ta ta. 

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