is it possible, julia dean guenther is turning into a morning person? ha, well, its all by default, but i dont seem to mind 4 hrs sleep and...getting up at 5am and staying up. well, thank goodness lars likes to sleep on mommy - we get our daily nap in.

speaking of daily nap, today lars is enjoying the sling for the past hour. hope he still wants to nap later - mommy needs a nap too.

he is also very much enjoying his chair. this chair bounces/rocks based on baby's motions, so no batteries needed. he seems to like to watch me cook or do laundry. how thrilling!!!! today he sat quietly in the chair for AN HOUR! blessed child thank you!!!!

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Anonymous said...

so am i to think that the famous dance is not far behind?????? LOL If is amazing what children will expose us too and change how we are used to doing stuff. GM