welcome back

well, we had an eventful week!

lars got to meet many new relatives on saturday. grandmom cate, great grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, you name it. he was exhausted and slept the entire ride to the shore. thanks everyone for making the trip to meet our baby.

then there was our vacation at the shore! had a lovely time....doing pretty much nothing for a week. lars was great on his first vacation - a little wacky at night, but i know he enjoyed all the attention from his grandparents, cousins and aunt beth!!!! 

ive got a lot of photos to publish on flickr - but im over my limit for the month, so i will post them all on tuesday~

amazing news: lars turned 3 months this week. he's a chubby little dude and every day we look at him, we are amazed.  

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