its been a while!

ugh, up too early for me today. cant sleep these ive been out of bed since 5.45 am.

my friends at work had a shower for me last week - we had a picnic down by the water (in brooklyn) it was a perfect day. there was delish food (i didnt know my co-workers could cook that well!) and lots of desserts. we only could stay for an hour and a half, so it was sad....

they gave us tons of onesies (hope he stays 0-3 months for ever!), toys and stuffed animals and books. it was a fun time. its the first time ive opened lots of gifts in front of people since...maybe i was 12? but they made me do it!

i think someone took pictures, i will post them when i get them.

doug is vacuuming at 7am. 

we have a huge list of things to do today - mostly getting basics for this baby who is only 4 wks away. 

apparently im measuring BIG these days. we will take photos this weekend. i can barely move in bed. and i have to do a 3 point turn (aka K turn) to go from sleeping on left side to right. 

my feet are permanently swollen. but my blood pressure is good, worries there.

ta ta for now.

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