happy sunday

hello everyone! ive been sleeping like crazy this weekend. after 1 and a half long long wks of prepping for a meeting with the president (of my company) on Wednesday, and a lot of unneeded stress, i think i clocked in 10 hrs friday and last night. aaaaaahhhhh. with wacky dreams to boot. but im not complaining.

last night doug and i went out to one of our favorite restaurants in the west village, Extra Virgin. its tasty and we haven't been there since last summer! hard to believe. it was nice to relax and eat and be in the city...dont know when we will have time to do that for a while.

this afternoon i am having a pregnancy massage at Bliss! i cant wait. i don't know how they accommodate my belly, but i would settle for a long foot/leg massage at this point. ouch my feet are killing me.

nothing else happening these days. going to the doc every week starting Friday 5/15. woo whoo.

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