i cant stop eating jelly beans. do i care? not really.

is anyone reading this? i think the answer is no.

that's cool. im considering this my baby journal (okay, im obviously not writing like i would privately in a journal, i will spare you that anguish!). some day, baby duke can read this, look at the pictures, make fun of me, not give a crap or think its cool. either way, here it is.

today, no seat on the subway...i think i need to start asking people to get up. ive lost all hope in these damn new jersey folks. i was almost in tears getting to manhattan. my legs feel like i just ran a marathon.

what gives.

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mom cate said...

yes we are reading this and we do care. the jersey comment......most of those people are probably from New York but don't want to pay taxes.....LOL WOW your hormones are in over drive. People are just rude, but the sun is up today and spring is on the way.
we love you