im 29 weeks pregnant. above is picture from last weekend.
i actually look more pregnant in normal clothes. for some reason, these belly shots dont tell the whole truth. which is odd because this is not a maternity tank top. im at the stage where people move out of my way when i walk down the street (finally!). i dont always get a seat on the subway, and man, lately i need it. my feet are killing me...

today is sunday and ive been relaxing all weekend. ive been having a few aches and pains for the past few days, and have been exhasted! i had all intentions of continuing the 'big clean' of baby's room, but im at the point that i need doug's man power. our closet is a disaster and the furniture needs to be re-arranged. on a positive side: all the papers are filed and ive used all office storage boxes as planned. we are getting there.

doug has been working all weekend. i saw him this morning for about 2 hrs. luckly, this weekend working thing is not typical and after today it should be over (at least for a few months) hopefully, we will make the room presentable before the baby arrives.

no news to report. baby still moves like crazy, especially after i eat. sometimes my entire body moves when he moves! i had no idea that babies moved this much. i like to just sit still and watch my belly shake. im not sure the novelty will ever wear off for me...

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