we've been packing slowly for about a about to go a little nuts, but the same time... its great to be able to weed thru all the crap that you accumulate and purge! toss! cleanse! i love it... secretly.

so we move on friday. im taking a little computer break. lars was pretty good today with naps, so i got quite a lot done. but i still feel like we are swamped in crap! 

we went to the new apartment yesterday morning. it looks GREAT! the landlord painted both bedrooms the color of my choice, and Lars's room looks amazing! just what i wanted. our room, was suppose to be a dark taupey grey. but...instead its rather lavender! ek! i dont have the heart to complain. id be more upset if L's room was not right. doug and i will deal with the lavender bedroom...we will pretend like its 1986 again.

other than that, the apartment is great and we are really looking forward to the move! we are SO sick of this apartment. there are so many things wrong - things that you cant know until you spend a night here, things that cannot be changed with a little elbow grease. things that arent healthy! the new place is bright and cheery! and ...check this out...have TWO bathrooms! i cant even take it. we will miss hoboken's cute little town, but we arent far away...just a little car ride. its all worth it.


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