Two Years Ago

two years ago today, doug and i drove through the streets of new york with a teeny tiny baby in the back seat. i, of course, sat in the back too. staring at this little person while we bumped our way from new york city to hoboken, new jersey. the trip felt like a lifetime, and now, 2 years later, i feel like it was yesterday and don't remember my life without lars.

 Birthday breakfast.
 Dressed for the party!

Devouring brownie number deux, appropriately.

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Anonymous said...

It does seem like yesterday, he is growing into such a wonderful young person. I love all the pictures and comments you make on this page. Helps keep up with his daily things that go on as i am too far away to participate in, but hopefully in the future that will change a little. Love the shirt, not only his he more accomplish in the techno world but now in languages too. love you all. gm cate