dec 13

thankfully lars is taking a power nap this afternoon! so much to do. still have wool balls to string to get up on tree. whoopsie, i just remembered i didnt take photos of the process. i will post the link that i used, but it was easier than i thought and with a husband who is willing to be your little elf, it goes pretty fast!

12 days until christmas and ive just ordered everything online. done. most of the gifts i have sent to my parents house, since we will be there on xmas morning. and then a ton of books. i also ordered gifts for our nephews and that's about it. just a few more items and we are finished. i really dont understand shopping in stores. i think i will probably never do it again. again. i also get free shipping most of the time, so its really quiet lovely.

this week - candy garland, finish tree, wrap whatever gifts arrive, and holiday brunch saturday. that's enough.

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