snot rockets, co-sleeping, etc.

hey world! ive got a sick baby on my hands. just a cold. stuffy nose, blowing snot rockets across the room with each sneeze and refusing to eat anything other than oatmeal and bananas. around 11ish last night, he was coughing and sneezing and doug went to check on him....doug returned to our room and said 'he's sleeping with us' -uuuuug. i thought. but doug thought he'd be more comfortable. ok! let's try it....we've tried it a few times (back in april he was REALLY REALLY sick) and it never works out. our son must be the only child in the world who hates sleeping with his parents. he slept with us for 4 months, then suddenly, stopped sleeping....and we couldn't figure it out. put him in his co-sleeper, in another room...and he slept. weird. so, even when he's sick, he'd rather be alone, in his crib, away from us. 

so, please keep in mind that co-sleeping doesn't work for all families - most importantly, all babies. lars only slept for the first 4 months of his life when i was either wearing him in a sling or he was in doug's arms in we just assumed we'd sleep with him for ....well, until we decided to make a change. i do what lars 'tells' me he wants, pretty much. he basically told me he wanted his own space!  

personally, i didnt sleep the first 4 months of his life b/c i was so on edge that i would smoosh him or elbow him or he'd roll off the bed, so maybe he felt my vibes and said 'i want outta here people - this lady needs some sleep.' 

anyway, back to this sickness.  just a little cold.

if i could just teach him to blow his nose. that would be so cool. 

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