how do you know what is wrong when your kid cant talk?

rookie mom mistake #432: blaming every little whine on teething. oh well. last week lars was not himself, as they say. seemed tired and got cranky ....a lot. then doug wakes up with a sore throat on saturday, now me, and massive headaches to boot. oh, crap, maybe my kid was sick last week. too bad he couldn't tell me his throat was sore. or maybe he even had a headache!!! oh, now i know why he only wanted to eat yogart! i could barely swallow my toast this morning.

now that we've got that out of the way, lets recuperate.

we are moving up in the world - moved from highchair to booster seat! and bought a potty! wowo! so what is lars is using it to play basket ball. we are introducing it slowly, so there is less freak factor. plans to attempt potty training around christmas time - when he's about 18 months old. wish us luck.

its still really hot here - after a few days of 'coolth' (mom) we are back to 96. blah. i know i know everyone talks about the weather, but its draining, really it is. eps when you've got a toddler. phewie.

looking forward to some fun classes and indoor gyms this fall/winter and a visit to the science museum next weekend! ya!

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