37 weeks

woowee. 37 weeks already.

we had a wonderful weekend - beth and jer had a party for us on saturday. yummy food, awesome gifts (all much needed stuff!). its really starting to feel REAL now!! this is unbelievable. is there a baby in there?!?!?! oh wait, i can feel him poking my ribs, yes...there's a baby in there!

im home today. i was wide awake at 1am...tossed and turned until 3. finally got out of bed, ate a banana and cleaned a little. my feet are still swollen and started to ache this weekend...the idea of walking, just not cool.

there are 2 huge flies in our apartment! EK. and im lying on the sofa, feet ontop of 3 pillows, covered in blanket, with laptop on my thighs. they are swarming all around me! arhg!!!!! gross!

doug made me a lovely smoothy this morning. THANKS DADDY DUKER!

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