doug and julia, age of innocence (or not)

i came across our old college IDs - from 1993! 15 years ago. 

so im procrastinating alittle. i've been cleaning up, organizing the soon-to-be baby's room for about 3 hrs now. i seem to be very good at throwing crap in mysterious boxes/drawers and not opening them for years. ugh. but feeling good about the progress. this room has become the 'black hole' this past year. but glad i found these IDs! the baby will enjoy looking at them (and laughing) years from now. i know i always enjoy digging up old school pictures of my parents. :) 

dont really feel like ive made a dent in this room! this is definitely a 2 weekend job. doug is at the office and should be home around 4ish. he's going to move some furniture around and then...make himself a birthday dinner. sounds sad, right? like im a bad wife? well, he wants to do it! he ENJOYS cooking! fun for him is = choose recipie, make delicious meal, big old mess and relax. and i provide the dessert. oh speaking of that, better get on it quick! more procrastinating! yea!!!!

dont have any baby news to report, other than he is twirling all around these days and i seriously feel like im doing a load of laundry in my uterus. whoa. 

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