healthy baby

last night doug and i went to our first of many pregnancy/baby classes at NYU. last night was the 'healthy baby' - taught by one of the head nurses of the pregnancy unit, lacation consultant, etc. the most informative bit was regarding breastfeeding. the rest was pretty much not new news.

we watched a video of fertilization, and embroy/fetus development. doug whispered to me "i think i saw this in highschool health class" ....yes, i believe it was the same VHS from 1990.

i was encouraged to take this class as soon as possible....while most women were 6+months pregnant and taking this class about foods to avoid, treating morning sickness,, etc. a little late for that! looking around, i noticed i had the smallest belly. doug said, "no, look at that girl," pointing to a woman across the room, "she looks like you" well, it turns out...she was one of the guest speaker physical therapist, and not pregnant. whops.

tomorrow i go for my monthly check up. i hope we get to take a peek of the babe. a month ago, on 12/19 i got to see the baby's back, spine and little frog legs squriming around.

i will be 18 weeks on Saturday!!!!!! cant believe it. we find out the sex on Feb 6th. that should be a cool one. im hoping its a 3d scan.

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